Ali Ocakbaşı

Redesigning the fireside cuisine, a key element of Anatolian food and beverage culture with a novel understanding, Ali Ocakbaşı aims to offer a new generation fireside and kebab pleasure in the most iconic locations of Istanbul. The restaurant appreciates the bounty of local farms and seasonality, preparing local flavors with original recipes through modern presentations.

Ali Ocakbaşı offers its guests unique flavors with the most natural aromas grilled on the fireside or in wood fire ovens. Cooperating with family breeding farms, the restaurant focuses on sustainability by supporting the geographically marked endemic species of the region. Every year, it contributes to reforestation as much as the carbon footprint of its brand.

Ali Ocakbaşı aspires to the best tastes and the most enjoyable gourmet experience. With a qualified team and a great menu filled with classic, eclectic, and inventive fare, the restaurant continues to welcome local and foreign guests who want to spend every moment of the day inits branches located in Gümüşsuyu, Kuruçeşme, Karaköy and Suadiye where they will enjoy the city.

Ali Ocakbaşı offers this unique gastronomy experience also in Europe, with its branch in Amsterdam and Barcelona.