It is good to share,

Anatolia, a geography that has hosted many civilizations from ancient times to the present day, has a deep-rooted culinary culture. Ocakbaşı cuisine, which is an important part of Anatolian culture, is built on "sharing".

Although the word “Ocakbaşı” brings to mind a grill, where the chef cooks the meat and the guests sitting on a bar that surrounds him, the true meaning of “Ocakbaşı” has never changed from past to present; "Sharing" life, joy, sorrow and taste...

Shaping this culture with a new approach , Ali Ocakbaşı invites its guests to enjoy the tastes of the Anatolian Cuisine and especially kebap, with a new generation ocakbaşı concept at iconic locations of the most important cities of the world.

Ali Ocakbaşı also aims to fulfill its responsibility towards the environment with sustainability-based practices in all its branches. The brand cooperates with family breeding farms and supports the geographically marked endemic species of the region. It contributes to afforestation as much as its carbon footprint calculated every year and pays its debt to future generations with an effective waste management.

Ali Ocakbaşı continues to be the meeting point of those who love to "share", welcoming guests who want to spend every moment of the day in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Barcelona with its experienced team and a menu full of creative flavors.